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This project will instruct you how to create a simple Match 3 unit in Studio.


Step 1: Project Setup

Begin by completing the following information on the home screen:

a. Project Name: AOBeach

b. Select the folder where your project will be saved

c. Select Orientation: Portrait

Click Create Project

Step 2: Setting Up Assets & Scenes

Upload your assets in the Assets Panel by clicking the “Add Assets” button or by clicking and dragging your files into the panel. 

A message will appear asking if you would like to auto-create scenes. Click No to practice manually creating scenes.

Create and name your scenes according to the scene names on the storyboard.

Step 3: AppSplash & Intro Scene
  1. Select the App Splash and Intro Scene
    1. Add the introvideo.mp4
    2. Add the soundeffect introsound.mp3
    3. Add the background music bgmusic.mp3
      1. Right click on the asset file and select “Change to Background Music”
      2. Make looping
    4. Add a transition on video end to the Loop 01 scene
    5. Double check your work below!


Step 4: Loop 01 Scene
  1. Select scene “Loop 01”
  2. Add the video “loop01.mp4”
  3. Add a gesture area to the canvas as shown on the image below

  1. In the Properties Panel, select Swipe Up in the “Add Gesture to Area” field
  2. Add a gesture transition to the Action 01 scene
Step 5: Action 01 Scene
  1. Select scene Action 01
  2. Add the video action01.mp4
  3. Add the sound effect action1sfx.mp3
  4. Add a transition to End Scene on video end
  5. Your Events & Actions panel should mirror the following:

Step 6: End Scene
  1. Select the End Scene
  2. Add the video endcardvideo.mp4
  3. Add an action to stop the background music

Congrats! You have now completed your first beginner sample project. Click the Preview icon to play through the unit on your desktop, or the Connect icon to preview the unit on your device.