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You can modify your user account information that you provided during the first-time sign-in to Studio at any time. Specifically, you can update your profile details, change your password, update your privacy settings, view your upcoming payments, update your credit card, and change your subscription details. This is where you can also access the Studio walkthrough and help.

To update your user account information:

  1. On the Studio header bar, in the top-right corner, click your Account.
  2. On the Account > Profile tab, update information that applies—your company, name, and/or email address.
  3. If necessary, enter your current password and enter a new one. If you forgot your current password, see Reset Your Password.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. To review the privacy policy and/or change your personalization opt-in selections, click Settings at the top.
  6. Make the appropriate selections and click Save Changes.
  7. To view your current subscription plan and payment details, click Subscription on the left. For details on changing subscriptions or billing, see Subscriptions.
  8. If you are an account Admin for your team, you can add, remove, and manage other user’s settings by going to Teams
  9. To close your account settings, click Back in the top-right corner.

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