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5. Define Transition Logic


In this tutorial, you will learn how to add direct, scene-to scene transitions. These transitions will take place immediately after the video ends playing in each scene. No user interaction is required.

You will add four transitions by iterating essentially the same steps four times—select a scene, add a transition to it, and select a scene to move to next.

  1. (Optional) Click Path View.
  2. Go to Scenes and select Splashscreen.
  3. Go to Events & Actions and under Transitions click Add .
  4. In the displayed menu on the right, in the Move to Scene list, select the appropriate scene as indicated below. Repeat the above steps for each scene in the left column.

    For this scene

    Add a transition to move to this scene


    Move 1 Loop

    Move 1 Action

    Move 2 Loop

    Move 2 Action

    Move 3 Loop

    Move 3 Action


  5. Click Path View and make sure the four transitions are set correctly, with the After Video labels on the transition arrows.
  6. Save your project.

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