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2. Import Assets and Create a Splash Screen


In this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to import assets to projects in Studio. You will also set up your splash screen by adding assets to it.

  1. Go to Scenes in the top right corner of the workspace, double-click Scene Name, and rename it to Splashscreen.
  2. In the Finder, navigate to the location where you saved the project files, select all, and drag them to Studio.
  3. Go to Assets in the bottom-left corner, search for the Background_Music.mp3 asset, right-click it, and set it as background music.
  4. Drag the Background_Music.mp3 music asset to the canvas.
  5. Search for the Splashscreen.mp4 video asset and drag it to the canvas.
  6. Check the Events & Actions panel in the top-left corner to make sure both assets have been added as actions to the scene, and the Looping checkbox is selected for the background music.
  7. Save the project.

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