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Transitions by Elapsed Time


You can set a transition to occur or be evaluated at specific times (specified as the number of after and before seconds). For example, you may want to add a transition that takes place if the user fails to interact with the demo after the maximum allowed time has elapsed.

To add an immediate transition with a time constraint:

  1. Go to Scenes and select a scene where you want to add the transition.
  2. Go to Events & Actions and, if necessary, add a new transition.
  3. In the transition block, click the Conditional  icon.
  4. In the Transition menu, clear the default After Video event.
  5. In the Attributes section, enter a decimal for the appropriate number of seconds that need to elapse before or after the transition can occur in the Before Second and/or After Second fields respectively.

    Tip: To pinpoint a specific location in the video and enter a precise amount of time that needs to elapse, use the time value in seconds displayed above the timeline at the bottom of Canvas View.

In Path View, these time-sensitive transitions appear as arrows with the Conditional label.


Tip: Depending on your design, you may also use triggers to define a time frame for transitions to occur, or the At Time event setting to show and/or hide elements based on the time elapsed. For details, see Triggers.

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