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Transition Menu


This pull-out menu appears when you do any of the following in the Events & Actions panel:

  • Click the Add icon next to Transitions.
  • Select Add a Transition in the Add an Action drop-down list.
  • Click an existing transition block, which is typically displayed at the bottom of the list in the panel. 

Depending on your event selections, the transition action menu may have the following settings. For conditional settings, see Conditionals in Action Menus.

After Video

By Counter

Depending on your demo flow, click these timing events to specify when the selected transition should occur:

  • After Video (default setting): Immediately after the video selected in the drop-down list ends.
  • After Video and By Counter: After the video ends and the selected counter reaches a specified amount.
  • Counter: When the selected counter reaches a specified amount.

Note: If neither control is selected, the transition to the next scene occurs immediately, without finishing playing the video or other assets. Reserve these settings for Logic-Only scenes or advanced transitions.

After Video

Select the video asset after which the transition should occur. Typically, it’s the video in the currently selected scene.

This option appears only if the After Video event is selected.


If you are adding a single transition, keep the default value of 1, which means the transition will occur with 100% probability.

If you are adding multiple transitions for the scene, for example, to allow the user to take alternative paths and want to randomize them, enter a decimal between 0 and 1. See also Randomized Transitions.

Move to Scene

Select the scene to be displayed after the current scene, according to your storyboard.

Move to Scene by Counter

Appears only if the By Counter event is selected.

Select the counter you have set for this transition. When the counter reaches the specified amount, the scene selected in the counter action menu will be displayed. See also Transitions by Counter Value.

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