Note: Some platforms discussed in this article are reserved for AppOnboard Studio Enterprise Customers. For details, Studio Pricing.

With AppOnboard Studio, you can build app projects for Facebook Ads or Google Play Instant Apps.

Before you begin building your project, you need to decide on the distribution channel and plan your project accordingly.

To take full advantage of the available features, we recommend building separate projects for each platform. If you decide to create a single project and repurpose it, make sure you keep the file size and project length considerations in mind.

Google Play Instant Apps

Google Play Instant Apps are Play Store apps that users can open without installing them first.  If they like the app, they can download (and purchase if necessary) its full version from the Play Store. The output that you create with Studio will be an Instant App, a project of the full version of your app. For more details, see Learn about Instant Apps.

Output format: APK

Project length: Longer experience, with more content included

Orientation: Portrait or landscape

Project file size: 

  • Under 8.5 MB for gaming apps
  • Under 2.5 MB for non-gaming apps

Tip: To qualify for 8.5 MB for non-gaming apps, you need to apply and be accepted for Google Beta.

Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad consists of three parts: a campaign, ad set, and ad creative. The output that you create with Studio will be the ad creative part—an interactive app demo that your customers or audience will see and interact with on Facebook and be interested to click through to install the app. For more details, see What are Facebook Ads.

Output format: HTML5

Project length: Shorter, ideally under 30 seconds

Orientation: Portrait only

Project file size: Under 1.9 MB


Note: To accommodate the requirement for Base64 encoding of assets for Facebook Ads, the total unit file size calculation in Studio will include an extra 25% in addition to the total size of the used assets.

Updated May 24, 2019