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Scenes Panel


This scrollable panel is located in the top-right corner of your workspace. It allows you to add scenes to the demo by creating new ones or duplicating the existing ones along with their assets, actions, and layers.

All scenes appear in the order they were added. To change the order, drag individual scenes to the desired location in the list. For more details on types of scenes and how to work with them, see Scenes.

Add a Scene   Click to add a scene.
Search   Type any part of the name of the scene you need to find in the list. To clear, press X.
Scene Name  

Double-click to edit the name.


Tip: Use the same name for the scene as the video file that will be used in it.


Click to make a copy of the scene and all of its assets, layers, actions, and transitions. This option is particularly useful for logic-only scenes with similar logic but different counter values, for example.

Make sure to update the new scene name, its counters, transitions, and any other elements.


Click to remove the scene and all of its assets, layers, and transitions from the demo. Make sure to check transitions in Path View and redefine them if necessary.

To delete multiple scenes, use Shift+click to select them and press Delete.

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