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Scene Properties



Click to change the name of the selected scene.

First Scene

Select to set the current scene to start the demo, typically used for splash screens. This checkbox is automatically selected for the very first scene in the demo.


Note: Only one scene can be set as the first scene at a time.

To clear this checkbox, select it for another scene, and Studio will automatically clear this setting in the current scene.

End Scene

Select to set the current scene as the last one in the demo, typically used for end cards. Depending on your design, you may have to set more than one scene as the end scene in your demo.

Logic Only

Select only when you need a “backstage control scene” to define advanced transition logic in your demo. Logic-only scenes do not appear in demos. For details, see Logic-Only Scenes and Advanced Transitions.

Note: You can’t add any elements or assets to logic-only scenes. If you set an existing scene as logic-only, all elements and assets added to it will be removed from the scene.

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