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Reuse Existing Layers


Instead of duplicating layers that you have already added to the project, in some cases, you can save time and effort by reusing these layers.

For example, you may do this when you want to add a CTA button to all scenes in the project, making it persistent. Or when you need to reuse the same gesture in several alternative flows with similar action sequences. Reusing layers is particularly efficient with Container elements with multiple elements nested inside them. 

You reuse layers essentially by displaying them in other scenes. If not performing advanced logic, you can show/hide layers by toggling their visibility settings in the Layers panel as explained below. 

What You Need to Know

Keep in mind the following when showing/hiding layers.

  • If you change the size or placement of a reused layer in one scene, these changes will apply to all other scenes. 
  • If you need to change the placement of a layer in one of multiple scenes where it is reused, you have to duplicate the layer in that scene instead of reusing it. 
  • Don’t add persistent CTA buttons to splash screens, end cards, or any scenes that have a CTA already included in their video assets.
  • For Container elements, you can show/hide the nested layers individually and as a group at the parent (Container) level.
  • You can also use the Show/Hide Element actions for individual layers in combination with the Show/Hide icons in the Layers panel to add more advanced logic. For use cases and examples, see Triggers and Logic-Only Scenes.

Show a Layer in Multiple Scenes

  1. Go to Scenes and select the desired scene.  
  2. Go to Layers, select the Show All checkbox, and do the following:

    Note: If you are planning to use the Show Element actions with advanced logic for any layers, you may need to keep them invisible.

    • For elements with no Containers, click the Show icon next to each element to make it visible .
      The elements appear in the same locations on the canvas where you originally placed them.
    • For Containers:
      1. Click the Show icon next to the Container layer to make it visible .
      2. Expand the Container drop-down list and click the Show icons next to the layers inside the list.
  3. Repeat the above steps for all other scenes where you want the element to appear.
  4. Save the project.

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