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Release Notes – Studio 1.4.0


AppOnboard Studio 1.4.0

Released 1/23/2020

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.4.0. 

Welcome Screen (Enterprise only)  — The welcome screen has now been updated to match that of the Free/Plus/Pro version’s welcome screen. Welcome screen now includes tutorials and a AOB Project gallery!

In-App Subscription OptionsUsers can now adjust their subscription levels between Free, Plus and Pro from directly within AppOnboard Studio (can be found in your user profile in the upper right corner of the tool). Payment for their tiers can also now be made from directly in the tool.

ironSource Spec UpdateironSource publish option has now been updated to 5mb per their most recent spec update.

Selectable Output Size You can now customize the file size you want to cap your project at for all publish options. (We recommend using the max allowable size for each export for quality purposes)

General Bug Fixes

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