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Release Notes – Studio 1.3.9


AppOnboard Studio 1.3.9

Released 9/26/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.3.9. We have released Studio with a free version! 

New Features

Sharing Projects as Free UsersFree users have unlimited project shares that don’t expire! There will be an AppOnboard splash screen before every shared project.

Templates & TutorialsWe included four projects that free users can either create their own projects or learn how to build them through our step by step tutorials.

Upgrade to Unlock Publishes — Free users can inquire through Enterprise Inquiry to publish outputs. Read more about additional platforms.

Enhancement and Issue Resolutions

Enterprise Shared Projects Enterprise users will not have the splash screen or an AppOnboard logo when they share projects.

Actions/Conditions UIFixed issue when user includes conditional inside an action, there are double drop down options.

Gesture Display in Path View Resolved an issue When copying a tap gesture to reuse for another gesture area, the second gesture is being accounted for twice in the path view.

Share Preview on Microsoft Edge Resolved issue where shared projects could not open on Microsoft Edge browsers.

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