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Release Notes – Studio 1.3.8


AppOnboard Studio 1.3.8

Released 9/11/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.3.8. 

New Features

Share Project — You can now share your project by sending a Studio generated URL link. There’s an option to add a password to the shareable link for added protection.

Aspect Ratio — When you are creating a new project, there are now aspect ratio options you can choose from. You can also enter custom dimensions!

Enhancement and Issue Resolutions

Adding Background Image — Included a more informative message in regards to adding a background image to your project.

Removed Google UAC as a Studio Publish option — We will revisit this in a future release!

App Store / Google Play Button — Fixed issue when clicking project’s background image in preview does not directly open the App Store or Google Play hyperlink.

Android Share Button — Resolved an issue where the UI of the Android share button would not allow users to add text to the button.

GPI Exporting — Fixed an issue with Google Play Instant Apps exporting above the file size limits.

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