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Release Notes – Studio 1.3.6


AppOnboard Studio 1.3.6

Released 8/28/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.3.6. We’ve added an MRAID 2.0 publish option and several UX improvements.

Additional Studio Publish Options

MRAID 2.0 Tag — Publish option is now available for Enterprise customers. Click here for more information on MRAID publish.

Option to Add a Background Image — We are now supporting the ability to add a background image to a project for HTML5 ads. Please click here for more information on background image.


Window Rotation Button — Added the ability to rotate your project from landscape to portrait and vice versa through the Preview feature.

Disclaimer on “Create New Project” Screen — We’ve added a disclaimer to inform users that Facebook export does not support landscape view.

Project Loading — We’ve improved error handling for when you are trying to load your Studio project.

Loading Spinner — Enhanced UX when you add multiple videos. Now you see a loading spinner as videos get imported into Studio.

Assets Usability — Improved the ability to add assets when dragging multiple assets to the scenes area and dropping it automatically adds it to the scene.

UI / UX Improvements — The globe and eye icons within the layers section are now displayed only on-hover and if you “hide” a layer. We’ve improved the UI of displaying “loop”, conditional and trigger buttons for video and music actions.

Issue Resolution


  • Fixed error handling for Instant App Version code inputs.


  • Resolved issue of sounds not playing as expected through preview.


  • Resolved an issue where .jpeg assets within projects would not allow the project to play.

Scenes & Transitions

  • Fixed an issue where the “seconds” value was unable to be highlighted
  • Fixed an issue where scenes were corrupted after removing an asset from an action at time

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