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Release Notes – Studio 1.3.4


AppOnboard Studio 1.3.4

Released 8/15/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.3.4. We’ve added and updated some publish options, and improved user experience on the home screen, layers panels, assets, and more.

Additional Studio Publish Options

Vungle, Google UAC, and Facebook (5MB) — All are now available for Enterprise customers. Click here for more information on publish.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues

Redesigned Home Screen — We’ve completely redesigned the home screen layout to be cleaner, more functional, and more consistent with the rest of the tool.

Layers Redesign — We’ve completely redesigned “Layers” from the ground up with the ability to easily group and ungroup, rename, undo/redo, mark layers as global, and reorder layers.

Auto-Creating Scenes from Assets — You now have the option to automatically create scenes based on the videos you add to your project. Right click on an asset(s) to add to existing scenes or create new scenes.

Zooming In/Out & Panning on Canvas — You can now zoom in/out and pan around the canvas.

Output Platform Tag to File Name — When you publish, the downloaded file’s name will have the output platform appended to it.

Issue Resolution

Project Name

  • Resolved issue when a folder name includes “#”, all videos will be invisible on the canvas.
  • Changes in the project name within the publish window now reflects the same changes in the project name within recent projects.


  • Audio plays on both left and right channels when viewing your unit during preview.
  • Improved error messaging when previewing before the asset processing is completed.

Opening Projects

  • Fixed infinite loading when user changes project file path and then tries to open the same project in recent project list.

HTML5 Issues

  • Improved “Tap-to-start” image on screen when building for ad network that does not provide screen sizes.
  • Fixed issue when user presses CTA and transitions to another scene which causes 1 frame video flash.

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