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Release Notes – Studio 1.3.3


AppOnboard Studio 1.3.3

Released 7/31/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnboard Studio version 1.3.3. We’ve made some key updates in usability and testing capabilities.

New Features

Publish Raw HTML File — Enterprise can export their project as a raw HTML file, which has a size limitation of 10MB.

Preview Emulator — Users are now able to preview their projects within Studio by clicking the “Preview” icon. Previewing on-device is now the “Connect” icon.

USB Preview — Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB to preview your Studio projects.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues

Asset Usability Improvement — Improved the assets panel including filters for used/un-used, type, and size. Dots on the right side of the asset name indicate if the asset is used in their project.

Windows EV Certification — Improved certification on Windows to remove all anti-virus popups/warnings/etc.

Remove “Beta Testing” on Publish Options — We have removed “Beta Testing” from AppLovin, ironSource, and Unity publish options. All publish options are out of testing and fully functioning.

Publish Project on Other Accounts — Fixed issues regarding being unable to publish projects from different accounts.

Preview Window — Users can only open one preview window at a time.

Show Element Actions — Fixed an issue with Show Element actions not executing in a “Logic Only” scene.

Google Play Application ID

  • Google play application ID is now unlocked for users to edit.
  • Resolved Google Play application ID issues being deleted after pasting in links.

HTML Resolved Issues

  • “Tap-to-start” UI and functionality are now working as expected on HTML5 platforms.
  • Resolved CTA bug where video flashes unexpectedly.
  • Resolved rotation issues on HTML5 units when rotating from portrait to landscape.
  • Resolved music and sound inconsistencies and audio bug that doesn’t play until interacting with playable.

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