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Release Notes – Studio 1.3


AppOnboard Studio 1.3

Released 7/9/2019

Welcome to the release of AppOnBoard Studio version 1.3. We’ve added an additional ad network for publishing and several improvements.

Windows PC Support

AppOnboard is now available for Windows! System Requirements & Installation

New Features

Publish to HTML5 Platforms

• AppLovin is now available for Enterprise customers only
(Please Note: Output currently supports iOS 12.0+ and Android 5.0+)


Enhancements and Resolved Issues

Improved Studio Performance

• Resolved performance issues due to users making frequent changes to their project


# of Outputs

• The number of outputs for Enterprise users are now displayed under each user’s “Account Profile”


Improved Publish Window

• User can minimize publish window in order to continue working on their project
• User will be notified when project is published successfully



• Resolved being unable to preview and publish projects if user removes assets from assets list during these activities


Apple App Store & Google Play Application ID

• Users are now able to input the app store URL into the app store button’s text input fields
• The Apple App Store and Google Play Application ID fields are editable for users before publishing


Layers & Properties Menu

• Fixed an issue where a layer’s properties was not populated if the layer was not part of the current scene


Assets, Scenes, Elements

• Fixed an issue where anchor points were cut off at the edges of the canvas
• Fixed an issue where users were unable to properly deselect the Assets or Scenes search bars
• Fixed an issue where adding multiple gestures then removing them would cause the Actions dropdown to disappear


Events & Actions

• Counter conditionals not being saved is now resolved


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