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Release Notes – Studio 1.1.6 (Early Access)


Welcome to the April 2019 release of AppOnBoard Studio version 1.1.6. There are a number of updates in this version that we hope you will like.

New Features

  • HTML5 Support for Facebook Ads—You can now publish your output in HTML5 format for Facebook Ads. For details and file size requirements, see Supported Outputs. For instructions, see Create an HTML5 File for Facebook Ads.
  • Streamlined Installation and Login—Save time and facilitate your Studio installation and login processes with a new, intuitive user interface.
  • Privacy Protection—Without your explicit consent to personally identifiable information (PII) collection, only your non-PII data will be tracked. You can opt in or out when logging in to Studio for the first time or update your settings at any time through the AppOnboard Studio > Preferences > Settings option on the menu bar. See also AppOnboard Privacy Policy.
  • User Account Settings—Update your privacy settings, review the License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and manage your other user account information through the AppOnboard Studio > Preferences > Profile option on the menu bar.
  • Layer Cut & Paste Functionality—Expedite your demo creation process with new keyboard shortcuts that allow you to cut (Command+X) selected single or multiple (Shift+click) layers on the canvas and paste (Command+V) them to the same location with the same properties in another scene. See also Managing Layers.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues

  • Timecode to Seconds Conversion—The video timeline at the bottom of Canvas View now displays the current position in seconds along with the timecode in MM:SS:FF. You can enter time values in seconds in Studio without manual calculations.
  • Layers Panel Display—No more clicking back and forth between the panels. You can switch between different scenes, and the Layers panel will remain open displaying the layers of each scene.
  • Output File Retrieval—You can now download a previously generated output file from the Publish window without regenerating the file. Just click Retrieve My File, and Studio will download the file to your local Downloads folder. This saves you time and the number of remaining allowed outputs, if they are limited by your license.
  • Publishing for Facebook Ads
    • Projects are now compressed according to the correct file size limitations (2.0 MB).
    • The maximum file size limit is displayed correctly.
    • The Apple AppStore ID is stored and displayed in the correct format.
    • Facebook meta tags are now automatically generated.
    • Loop videos in HTML5 output now play without flickering.
    • File size limitation and other notifications get updated accordingly when you switch between different output types.
  • Media Assets
    • Video assets in MOV format now appear in Path View and can be previewed with the AppOnboard Studio Companion app.
    • You can add multiple assets or individual sound effect files with no issues to the Assets folder and the JSON file.
  • Fonts
    • You can add fonts and modify font settings with no issues.
    • Multiple versions of the same font family can be imported into Studio.
  • Transitions
    • Changing the Probability value of one transition no longer affects the probability settings of the other transitions in the scene.
    • If you replace a video asset in a scene, any transitions referencing that video are now automatically updated with the newly added asset.
  • Misc. Display Issues—No dialogs, modals, or other pop-up windows remain displayed on the screen after you close Studio.

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