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Media Action Menus


These pull-out menus appear when you select a media action in the Add an Action menu or click an existing action block in the Events & Actions panel.

The Stop Video, Stop Background Music, and Stop Sound Effect action menus have only one field, where you select the media asset to be stopped.

Depending on the action timing settings in the Events & Actions panel, the Play Video, Play Background Music, and Play Sound Effect action menus may have the following options.

Note: In the gesture Properties, media action menus appear as action blocks under the selected gesture. See Gesture Actions and Transitions.

Seconds elapsed

Appears only when At Time is selected for the action in the Events & Actions panel. Is not available for text actions for gestures.

Enter a decimal or an integer to indicate the number of seconds that needs to elapse before the action can take place in the scene. If needed, use the time value displayed in seconds above the timeline at the bottom of Canvas View.

Background Music


Sound Effect

Select the media asset to be played in the scene. When you drag assets to the canvas, their file names are automatically selected in this list.


Appears only for background music. Enter a decimal from 0 to 1, with 1 indicating 100% volume.


Select to make the media play continuously, for example, for background music, videos that require user interactions, or until a specific condition is met.

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