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Immediate Transitions


Transitions are considered immediate when they occur without waiting for the video or other assets in the scene to finish playing. For example, as soon as a condition is met. You would typically define immediate transitions for Logic-Only scenes and any scenes in which transitions depend on trigger and/or counter conditionals or specific user interactions with the demo. 

To make a transition immediate:

  1. Go to Scenes and select a scene where you want to add an immediate transition.
  2. Go to Events & Actions and do either of the following in the Transitions section:
    • To modify an existing transition, click the transition.
    • To create a new one, click Add .
  3. In the Transition menu, clear the default After Video event.

In Path View, immediate transitions appear as arrows with the Every Time label. If an immediate transition includes conditionals, then the arrow is labeled as Conditional.

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