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Gesture Properties


When adding a gesture to a scene, you need to select the type of the gesture and specify what happens when the user performs the interaction. You do this by adding actions and/or transitions. Additionally, certain gestures have attributes that allow you to fine-tune these gestures. To learn more about gestures in Studio, see Gestures.

Gesture Types

To specify the desired type of gesture, select a Gesture element in the Layers panel or its bounding box on the canvas. Then go to Properties > Add Gesture to Area and make the desired selection. See also Add Gestures.

For a list of gestures that you can add to a Gesture Area in a scene, see Gesture Types.

To delete a gesture with all its actions and transitions, click the Delete icon next to it. To view or hide any additional properties of a gesture, click the respective Expand or Collapse arrow next to it.
Tap Gesture Attributes

For Tap gestures, you can define the number of taps the user needs to make to activate the associated action. This means that until the user, for example double-taps the screen, no action will take place. The speed of tapping doesn’t affect the results, it’s the number of taps. The default tap count is 1. 

Gesture Actions and Transitions

Depending on your design, for each gesture that you select, you can add actions and transitions.

Note: All gesture actions and transitions are executed simultaneously as soon as the user performs the interaction.

The Add an Action menu button provides the same list of actions as the one in the Events & Actions panel. 

After you select an action, its settings appear as a block underneath.

For details on the specific settings, see the respective action menus: Media, Element, Counter Trigger, and Text.

The Add a Transitions button allows you to select the transition scenes for the gesture. 

To delete any individual actions or transitions, click the respective Delete icons next to them.

Tip: To delete all settings for a gesture, click the Delete icons next to the gesture type.

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