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Generate Google Instant App


Now that you have previewed and tested your project, you are ready to publish it!

Before You Begin

Make sure you have completed the steps below:

  • Have a live app in the Google Play Store (or have submitted an app for pre-registration)
  • Installed the app on your Android device.
  • Enabled the USB debugging mode on your Android device.
  • Connected your Android device to the computer where Studio is installed.
  • Prepared the following app information that you need for publishing the project.
Information Comments

Google Play Application ID

The Google Play Application ID is the part of the Google Play URL between “id=” and “&”

For example, com.example.yourapp is the ID in this URL:

Instant App Version Code

To get the version code, request it directly from the person responsible for uploading the app to the Google Play Store.

The Instant App version code is typically an integer that must be:

  • Greater than any current Instant App version code in the Google Play Store.
  • Less than or equal to the version code of main app.

Generate an APK File

  1. In Studio, open the project you want to publish and click Publish in the top right corner.
    Studio starts checking the project output quality based on the file size limits and, if necessary, compresses the video assets to meet the limit.
  2. If needed, do any of the following:
    • To preview the video output, click Preview.
    • To view the asset file size information, click View Details.
    • If the file size exceeds the limit or the output quality is below your expectations, make the appropriate changes to your assets. For example, compress the image assets or reduce the number of video assets in the project, and try again. See also File Preparation, if needed.
  3. In the Export for list, select Google Play Instant Apps.
  4. If you want to rename your project file, enter a new Project Name without using any special characters.
  5. Enter the Google Play Application ID of the app for which you are publishing the project.
  6. Enter the Instant App Version Code of your app.
  7. Click Generate File.

Studio generates the APK file and automatically saves it to your Downloads directory, from which you can load the file to your device for testing.

Great work! You have now created and exported your project, which you can publish to Google Play as an Instant App.

Tip: To access your downloaded output file later without going through the publishing process again, thus saving your allowed outputs, just click Retrieve My File.

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