1. Open AppOnboard Studio and let it install the latest update, if there is any.
    The Create New Project screen is displayed.
  2. Without using any special characters, enter a unique, descriptive Project Name that will help you identify the project later.
    This will be the default name of the project directory as well as the APK or HTML5 output file.
  3. Select Portrait or Landscape to set the demo orientation on the screen.

    Note: For HTML5 output for Facebook Ads, only portrait orientation is supported.

  4. Click Select and navigate to the location where you want to create the project directory and click Open.
    This directory will be used for all your subsequent projects, unless you change it.
  5. Click Get Started.

AppOnboard Studio opens a blank workspace with your project name at the top and the first scene added in the Scenes panel.

To continue, you need to import your media assets to the project.

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Updated June 27, 2019