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Canvas View


This is the main work area where you build app or game demos by dragging and dropping assets and elements to the currently selected scene, while editing and defining their properties in the respective side panels and menus.

All elements and layers are shown as bounding boxes with differently colored borders, which you can place as resize as desired over the background video. For details, see Elements and Layers.

You can click each box to see the type of layer it is, as it get highlighted in the corresponding panels on the side. You can also view and modify its properties, such as name, placement, fill color, and any other additional attributes. You can also Shift+click multiple boxes to move or delete them as needed.

Tip: To preview a video, you can drag a video asset over the canvas without dropping it.

Scene Name (A)

Displays the name of the currently selected scene, which appears in the top right corner.

Path View (B)

Click to switch to Path View to preview transitions between scenes and make sure the scenes are properly connected. Check this view regularly. See also troubleshooting tips.

Video player controls (C)

Click Play or Pause to play the current scene video or pause it at a specific point, for example, to see where on the screen the gesture is required.

Click Stop to stop playing the video.

Click Loop to set the to play continuously when you press Play.

Timecode and time in seconds

Timecode is the series of numbers on the far left that display the current position in the video in the MM:SS:FF (Minutes:Seconds:Frames) format. The first two numbers are the same as the normal clock, while the last (FF) value indicates the number of video frames since the last second.

To facilitate conversion to seconds from frames when you need to enter precise elapsed time, se the displayed time value and round it to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. For example, to enter values in the Seconds Elapsed field that appears when the At Time setting is on in the action menus or in the conditional transition attributes.


Consists of a timeline bar and a sliding pointer, which indicates the the current position in the video.

Drag the pointer to the desired position, for example, to figure the time that needs to elapse when timing an advanced transition. The timecode and the time value in seconds update accordingly.


Zoom in/out and pan around the canvas


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