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Audio Editing Tips

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To create optimal user experience while meeting the file size requirements, follow the guidelines below when editing your audio files.

  • Always keep the project file size limitation requirements in mind.
  • Make background music a clean, seamless loop.
  • Optimize music files to 96 kbps or more if needed.
  • To avoid the impression that the demo is slow or unresponsive:
    • Keep sound files clear and make sure they match the video file exactly.
    • If needed, make sound files longer than the video file, for example, if there is a reward sequence that extends into the end card.
    • Make sure that sound effects donโ€™t end abruptly or at awkward places when they sound off. Use fading in/out audio transitions, if needed.
  • If project file size is an issue, consider doing the following:
    • Trim background audio down to a shorter loop.
    • Optimize sound files to around 64-80 kbps, as they usually have less complexity than music files.

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