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Add Transitions


This article explains how to add scene-to-scene transitions that do not require user interactions and by default occur immediately after the video ends.

To add transitions that require user interactions, see Add gestures. To learn how to create more sophisticated transition logic, for example, with multiple, timed, or randomized transitions, see Advanced Transitions.

Always add transitions to the scenes from which they should occur. If needed, see the video in the tutorial.

Tip: Keep your storyboard at hand and use it as a reference when adding transitions. 

To add an auto transition to a scene:

  1. Go to Scenes and select a scene that does not require a user interaction.
  2. Go to Events & Actions and in the Transitions section, click Add .
  3. In the displayed Transition menu on the right, keep the default settings, and in the Move to Scene list, select the next scene.
  4. Save the project.
  5. (Optional) Click Path View to see the transition.

The auto transition should appear as an arrow pointing from the current scene to the next scene. See also Path View.

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